Can you cover our wedding which located outside your country?

Sure, I base in Yogyakarta Indonesia and I’m so happy to travel crossing by the continent to be part of your special day


Do you work with a team?

Since at the first time, we work with only talented photographer who have been experience in wedding for few years


How many images will you deliver and when we can see it?

Honestly we never calculate the files but you can get your RAW files in JPEG after we finished the photo session. For 1 day photo session usually we can give you around 700 files. After we come back to our studio we will do the post production of your photographs and send you the edited files by dropbox or wetransfer.com


What gear do you use and have you bring any backup tools?

We use the Canon for the gear, and yes we always bring another backup tools in the photo session 


How long does the wedding book will deliver?

Wedding book will be shipped within 2 months following your wedding


Do we have to pay your travel expenses?

Yes for sure! It would be the flights, visa, ground transfers and the accommodation. We also need something to eat during the photo session, but we don’t need to be part of your party. 


Is there any discount on your services?

Yes….that would be one great thing that you can grab in our studio, visit our website regularly and check what is the Deal of The Month


How we can get your photograhy rate?

Drop us an email to ashokaweddingphoto@gmail.com, whenever you need a fast response about our photography enquiry, pick up your phone and make a simple call to 08164265212.


How we can discuss with you about our pre wedding or wedding?

We would be happy to meet and discuss your big day properly, so please welcome to our brand new studio in Jogja or if distance belongs to the problem lets do short video call by skype just like our past client.


How do we book and pay your services?

Booking is base on first come basics and reserved for client who already pay the 50% non-refundable deposit + travel expenses cost. We accept payment with various currencies through bank transfer or using paypal.

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